4 Best Pain Relief Patches // AND the [WINNER] is!?

Best Pain Relief Patch

Finding the most effective pain relief patch can be challenging. To help you meet that challenge head-on, we’ve streamlined the process for you here at Chronic Pain Scotland.

By exploring, analyzing, and reviewing the most popular pain relief patches out there, you’ll be free to compare these pain remedies to determine the best fit. As a bonus, we’re transparent about our research process to see how we reach our conclusions.

In today’s pain relief patch reviews, we’ll be summarizing how these patches could help soothe your aches and pains.

  1. 1
    Salonpas — We rated Salonpas highly for the way it helps with overall pain relief. These patches are also remarkably easy to apply and great value while delivering fast-acting results. With overwhelmingly positive user testimony and scientifically proven ingredients, these patches help soothe a range of pain.

    The only downside to these patches is shared by much of the opposition. While pain relief comes on quickly, it’s not long-lasting. 

    That minor gripe does nothing to weaken the core competency of Salonpas: near-instant pain relief at a reasonable price-point.

  2. 2
    Luminas — Luminas patches scored strongly for overall pain relief due to a significant body of satisfied customers claiming to have experienced relief from diverse chronic pain. These patches also scored highly for ease of use and speed of results. 

    There are a couple of drawbacks to these patches, though. Not only are they not cheap, but they don’t provide long-lasting relief either.

  3. 3
    Icy Hot Patch — We rated Icy Hot Patch highly for the way it supports overall pain relief. A large body of happy customers sing the praises of Icy Hot patches from lower back pain and sprains through to pregnancy pains and the pain from arthritis.

    Easy to use, these patches provide substantially longer-lasting relief from pain than most of the competition. Customers report up to 8 hours of relief from pain after applying an Icy Hot patch.

    Despite these multiple benefits, Icy Hot is not perfect, but what product is? We docked points for overall value – these things aren’t cheap – and we couldn’t score Icy Hot highly for instant results either.

  4. 4
    Tiger Balm Patch — As with all the pain relief patches on our curated list today, Tiger Balm scored very highly for overall pain relief. We found a glut of glowing user reviews and, most tellingly, almost no negative feedback at all concerning Tiger Balm patches and pain relief.

    Super-simple to apply, the effects of Tiger Balm come on quickly, but they also wear off after a few hours.

    While Tiger Balm patches are certainly not cheap, they’ll soothe a range of pain near-instantly without forcing you to resort to NSAIDs or other prescription painkillers.

How we reviewed the Best Pain Relief Patches

If you’re wondering how we established these findings, we follow the same process for all the health supplements and pain relief products we review. Our process allows you to compare all products in a given area quickly and accurately.

First, we always double down on the ingredients in these health products. We check to see whether peer-reviewed scientific studies back up the claims made by manufacturers.

Next, we analyze a broad cross-section of user reviews and feedback. We’ll look on forums and third-party websites as well as the manufacturer’s website. We’ll look for any suspect patterns in these reviews. We have a keen eye for sniffing out bogus testimony. Once we’re done, we’ll report back with the good and the bad. You’ll then be ideally placed to assess, which makes the best pain relief product for you based on hard data.

We always score these health products across the same categories. This allows you to compare them like-for-like and establish the best fit for the pain in question.

Supports Pain Relief

Of all the areas we assess, overall pain relief is the most critical with these patches.

Salonpas, Luminas, Icy Hot Patch & Tiger Balm Patch all scored 4 out 5 in this regard. All patches come with predominantly positive user reviews, and they all feature tried-and-true ingredients.

This section accounts for 20% of the overall score.

Instant Results


salonpas review featured image

Salonpas patch scored  5 out of 5 for near instant results.  Making it highly effective upon application.  


Feature image luminas pain patch review

Luminas managed 5 out of 5 for the way it instant results.  Making it another highly effective patch upon application.  

Icy Hot Patch

featured image icy hot patch review

Icy Hot Patch disappointed with a 1 out of 5 by the way of instant results.  Seems the patch releases slowly which pushing its score almost perfect in the long-lasting category.  

Tiger Balm Patch

tiger balm pain patch review box

Tiger Balm Patch scored 5 out of 5 for one of its core competency, instant results. Another strong product that upon application it goes to work! 

The instant results section accounts for 20% of the overall score.

Long-Lasting Relief

None of these pain relief patches scored highly for long-lasting relief except for Icy Hot. In fairness, this is not their intended purpose.


salonpas review featured image

Salonpas patch scored  3 out of 5 for long-lasting relief.  That would make it average rating among consumers for the long-lasting effectiveness.  


Feature image luminas pain patch review

Luminas managed 3 out of 5 for long-lasting relief.  Its average rating runs side by side with Salonpas effectiveness making them neck and neck in this department.  

Icy Hot Patch

featured image icy hot patch review

We awarded Icy Hot patches 4 out of 5 for long-lasting relief, though. Users report experiencing up to 8 hours with reduced pain from a variety of causes.  Icy Hot comes in almost perfect in this category.  

Tiger Balm Patch

tiger balm pain patch review box

Tiger Balm scored 2 out of 5 for long-lasting relief.  This is the lowest category score for Tiger Balm but still overall a solid product as it fairs well in all other categories.  

Instant results accounts for 20% of the overall score

Ease of Use/Application

We gave Salonpas, Luminas, and Icy Hot Patch full marks for ease of use. Applying these patches takes seconds and creates no mess or smell.

We knocked a point off from Tiger Balm Patch patches since applying the sizeable back patch can be awkward.

Ease of use and application accounts for 20% of the overall score.

Bang for Your Buck

These pain relief patches vary considerably in terms of bank for your buck.  


salonpas review featured image

Salonpas scored highly for value with 4 out 5. You can buy bumper packs of 140 patches, which brings the price right down.


Feature image luminas pain patch review

Luminas picked up just 2.5 points out of 5 for overall value, though. These patches are more expensive than the competition without providing any additional benefits.

Icy Hot Patch

featured image icy hot patch review

Icy Hot patches scored slightly better with an acceptable 3.5 out of 5. These patches should fall within most people’s budget

Tiger Balm Patch

tiger balm ointment cream jar

Tiger Balm patches scored just 3 out 5 since they are not particularly cheap.

Bang for your buck accounts for 20% of the overall score.

How to choose the best pain relief patch for you? 


When you’re shopping for pain relief patches, you need to be aware of what’s in them.

Topical counterirritants like menthol and camphor create an artificial cooling or heating sensation that distracts your brain from receiving the pain signals. As such, the pain is temporarily masked even if the root cause is not addressed. 

Check with a guide like this to establish whether the ingredients in the pain relief patch you’re considering are effective and scientifically sound or a waste of money.

You should always discuss any pain management treatment with your doctor.

Speed of Results

If you’re looking for pain relief patches, you want fast-acting pain relief.

Most of these patches work quickly as your brain will be immediately encouraged to focus on the strange tingling sensation rather than the pain you’re feeling.

Price/Performance Ratio

Most pain relief patches are reasonably expensive, but you should focus on more than just the bottom line for an accurate assessment.

Consider how effectively these patches soothe pain and think about what price you feel is worth paying to achieve that goal. You should also think about whether you can find large packs bringing the unit cost down.

When you’re happy you have given due consideration to all these areas, you’ll be better placed to gauge overall value in your eyes and pick up the best pain relief patch.

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