About Us

December 2013 a Scottish network of doctors band together to help shed light on patients with ongoing, sometimes unmanageable Chronic Pain.  Over the years, more information has become readily available to the average person that suffers from constant migraines, knee and joint, hand and/or foot pain.  With more information comes hard decisions and responsibilities to manage ongoing issues.
What we did in the past was run to the doctor for every ache and pain.  The nurse asks 5 to 10 questions, the doctor 3 to 5, 15 minutes later you walk out with one or two prescriptions.  They give you smile and a “see you in 3 months”.  Medicine kicks in a few days later and the pain goes away.  Over the next several weeks and months we notice other issues from the side effects which nothing to do with the pain that was “cured”.  Well, medicine is starting to change.    
As of 2020, by the time you read this about us, we have morphed the past, with the future.  A new look and feel to all things Chronic Pain.  Our focus has shifted though, from big pharma solutions to an all-natural way life.  Journey with us through the world of Chronic Pain as we review health supplements, potential solutions, in 1000 words or less.  
Health. Supplements. Simplified.